We were so lucky to have had two wonderful companions in Lucy and Scruffy. Our children grew up with them and they were very much a part of our family. Sadly, as pet owners discover, family companions rarely live longer than they do! We were devastated, what happens now? What do you do at this difficult and distressing time? Having gone through the heartache twice, we have some real experience to call on which will hopefully help you as you come to terms with your loss.

Our dedicated "pets only" crematorium offers an individual only cremation service that will allow you to select a fitting final tribute for your companion and give you the comfort of knowing that these arrangements will be carried out with professionalism and care. 

Like you, we wanted to be assured that our beloved pet was treated with respect and dignity. Like you, we wanted to be able to remember our "friends" with fondness and affection. At Bedford Pet Cremations our services will ensure that your family pet and companion will be remembered with affection and treated with respect.


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