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All prices include an individual cremation.

Collection and/or delivery can be arranged and is usually charged at 0.25p per mile.

If you would like a dedication, a poem, a piece of music or other personalised farewells, 

please use our "Contact Us" form and make your request.


 Click on the links below for more details and guide prices.

​​Casket/Urn​Material​Suitable for​Size
Scatter Tube​Cardboard​Scattering or burying​All
Serenity Urn​Porcelain​Keeping​Small and medium pets
Odyssey Urn​Brass​Keeping​All
Wooden Casket​Light or Dark wood​Keeping or burying​All
Tribute Box​Walnut finish​Keeping​All
​Tribute Frame​Oak finish​Keeping​All
Tribute Pod​Oak finish​Keeping​All
Picture FrameWalnut finish​Keeping​All
EarthUrn​Biodegradable ​Burying​Small and medium pets

​​Sleeping Cat

Onyx Tribute Urn





​​Cats only


Please note that product colours, designs and materials may vary from those displayed on this site.
To view a larger selection of urns and caskets, please visit the link below;